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Legal Services in Arizona

Arizona is one of the most attractive places for the practice of law. Lawyers enjoy practicing law here for its wide population of elderly people. For estates and trusts lawyers, this is the perfect place to practice. Property taxes in Arizona are also quite low, which makes it an attractive state for the purchase of property.

Becoming a Lawyer in Arizona

The road to becoming a lawyer in Arizona is quite similar to the paths that lawyers take in other states. One must pass the Arizona bar exam. Because this is one of the most attractive places for the practice of law, this test can be quite difficult. Investing in a prep course is highly recommended. By investing in a Kaplan or Barbri prep course, one can be assured that he or she will pass. Only about 60% to 70% of test-takers ultimately pass the exam, so it is worthwhile for a person to invest the time necessary to pass.

According to the Arizona Board of Bar Examiners, there is no reciprocity for the Arizona bar exam. This means that one can not take the New York exam and assume that he or she will automatically be able to practice law in Arizona. One must simply sit for the test if one is interested in practicing law in this state. One will also have to sit for the Multistate Bar Exam to practice law. In addition to this, one must take the professional responsibility exam and pass the Character & Fitness test.

Free Legal Advice in Arizona

There are plenty of Legal Aid associations in Arizona. Legal Aid Service programs can provide low income people with legal assistance regarding their foreclosure situations and landlord issues. If one is facing domestic violence issues, then he or she may also receive legal assistance from Legal Aid Service of Arizona. The only requirement for being able to receive this legal assistance is that a person must meet the income requirements. Legal Aid Services programs will usually only accept clients who are impoverished and have no means of obtaining legal help.

If one is unable to qualify for Legal Aid Services, then one should consult legal clinics at law schools in Arizona. The Arizona State University legal clinic provides great assistance to low income people. The volunteer student attorneys work hard to provide legal help to impoverished people. ASU also has a Homeless Legal Assistance project that assists impoverished people in obtaining government assistance for their housing needs.

The Arizona Center for Disability Law can also provide assistance to people who require funding from the government for their medical needs. By working with attorneys at the Arizona Center for Disability Law, one can obtain effective assistance in receiving funding from the government for medical purposes.

The Arizona Center for Public Interest is another law firm that impoverished people can consult for help. This public interest law firm has less strict requirements for people who may use its services. One does not have to be severely financially disadvantaged to receive legal services from the Arizona Center for Public Interest.

Law Firms in Arizona

Finding an Arizona law firm is accomplished by contacting the local bar association, browsing local listings online or searching for lawyers in Phoenix, Tucson attorneys, Scottsdale law firms or legal services in Tempe.

Legal firms looking for business premises in Arizona will find a comprehensive selection of serviced offices in Avondale, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe and Tucson.

Legal Associations/Organizations in Arizona

Arizona offers plenty of legal associations for the interested lawyer. The best legal association to join is the Arizona State Bar Association. The State Bar Association offers plenty of legal education courses to attorneys who may wish to refine their skills in a particular area.

By joining the State Bar Association, one will be able to teach CLE courses for credit. By obtaining credits, one can have his or her license to practice law renewed on a yearly basis. Joining public interest law firms is another great way to become known in the community.

There are also associations for paralegals and legal assistants such as the Arizona Paralegal Association or the NALA which provides professional development programs and continuing education for paralegals throughout the US.