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Legal Services in New Jersey

New Jersey makes a great state for the practice of law. With its close proximity to New York and Massachusetts, New Jersey is the ultimate state for gaining connections on the East Coast. By practicing law in New Jersey, one can enjoy a wide range of legal opportunities. New Jersey offers a person the chance to practice law in fast-paced, high-powered cities on the East Coast.

Becoming a Lawyer in New Jersey

To become a lawyer in New Jersey, one will have to take the New Jersey bar exam. The New Jersey bar exam is known as one of the easiest bar exams to conquer on the East Cost. Before taking the New Jersey bar exam, law students should consider taking a bar exam prep course through one of the leading prep course companies. A majority of law students decide to take a bar exam prep course through Barbri or Kaplan. One can choose to attend lectures for a bar exam prep course, or one can choose to view the lectures on one's computer at home. Law professors typically recommend that students attend lectures in person, rather than view the lectures on one's computer. A law student should put in 10 to 12 hours a day at law school studying for the bar exam.

The New Jersey bar exam usually takes place over the course of two days. After one passes the New Jersey bar exam, he or she should take the professional responsibility exam. Completing the professional responsibility exam prior to passing the New Jersey bar exam is highly recommended. Law students should also consider applying for the Character & Fitness portion of the bar exam before taking the bar exam. After passing the Character & Fitness portion, one will have all of the portions necessary for the bar exam application completed.

To become a most successful lawyer in New Jersey, one should consider taking the New York bar exam as well. With multiple licenses to practice law, one will have the greatest marketability in the legal profession.

Free Legal Advice in New Jersey

To obtain free legal advice in New Jersey, one should consult with the Legal Services of New Jersey. This is a publicly funded law firm that seeks to provide legal services for low income people. Low income people can receive free legal assistance for a variety of matters. The Legal Services system in New Jersey is one of the most comprehensive systems in the United States.

One of the most popular characteristics of the Legal Services system is the hotline. This statewide hotline allows impoverished people to receive immediate legal assistance for their legal issues. Also, impoverished people can receive legal assistance through the different projects at the Legal Services system. The Anti-Predatory Lending project helps assist people who are facing issues with their loans. The Domestic Violence Representation Project helps women and men who have been the victims of domestic violence. For people who wish to immigrate into the United States, the Immigration Representation Project is a leading program to assist those individuals. Veterans can also receive free legal help through the Veterans Legal Assistance program.

The system also supports individual lawyers who wish to provide pro bono legal services to low income people. Low income residents of New Jersey who do not meet the income requirements may still be able to receive legal help.

Law Firms in New Jersey

To find New Jersey law firms contact the local bar association, ask for recommendations or search online for Trenton attorneys, paralegals and legal services.

Law associates searching for new office accommodation in New Jersey will find a comprehensive range of space available in Princeton, Newark, Short Hills, Bridgewater and Cherry Hill.

Legal Associations/Organizations in New Jersey

Joining one of the many legal organizations in New Jersey is highly recommended for beginning lawyers. The New Jersey State Bar Association is one of the top organizations for lawyers in New Jersey. If one is interested in achieving justice for people of all backgrounds, then one should consider joining the ACLU of New Jersey. The Camden Center for Law and Social Justice can also provide opportunities for interested lawyers.

New Jersey Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts is another leading organization in New Jersey. This organization seeks to support the community and the Arts. One can enjoy cultural arts such as theatre or visual artwork by participating directly in this program. It is a top choice for those who are committed to bettering the community through artwork. Many lawyers find this organization to be a nice outlet from their legal work as well.

New Jersey paralegals can join the Paralegal Association of New Jersey or one of the many national associations.