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JIWLP is an online resource dedicated to providing prospective lawyers and those seeking to enter the legal profession with general information, guidance and direction on starting a legal career, details about a variety of legal specialties as well as assistance with finding professional associations.

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Legal Advice for Businesses

Legal advice is something that is needed by everyone, at some point or another. Businesses are no exception to this rule. In business, there are numerous times when legal advice is needed. Legal advice is considered to be any advice given by an attorney. As a client, you are not obligated to take the advice, but from a legal standpoint, the attorney is recommending that you do.

Attorneys are professionals who specialize in many different aspects of the law. They are trained professionals that understand the legalities involved in many different things. Attorneys generally have one or more type of activity that they focus on. Some attorneys are trained in handling divorces; others in wills and estates; and some in accounting or business law.

The first important step a business should take when obtaining legal advice is to find the correct type of lawyer. Many businesses have an attorney they use for all business matters, while other businesses may not yet have encountered a time where one was needed. When you find the right attorney, stick with him. When he gets to know your business, he will understand its needs and be able to accommodate you better.

Most of the time an attorney is needed when a business is just forming. An attorney will give business owners legal advice about the various types of business formations that are available. He will also give advice regarding which type of business entity is best for your business. Limited liability companies (LLCs) are rapidly increasing in numbers because of the many benefits they offer. Many people who are starting businesses ask for legal advice about LLCs. A trained business attorney will be able to explain how an LLC works, the benefits they offer and any negative aspects of them.

Attorneys also give businesses legal advice about many other topics. This can include how to fire or let employees go, advice about employee benefits and advice regarding problems at the workplace. He may also suggest the types of insurance policies your company should have to protect itself from common risks.

Once you find a good attorney, he can give you legal advice about many topics. Most attorneys will specifically tell you if there are topics they are not trained to give advice about. If this happens, he may recommend a particular attorney to you; one that is trained in the category you need advice about.