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Legal Services in Minnesota

The state of Minnesota comes in at number twelve for the most lawyers in the United States. Yet, take a look at the ABA-approved job listings for this state, and one will find over 300 open positions listed. While it may seem that numerous lawyers are practicing in this state, the truth is there can never be too many experienced, practical, and dedicated lawyers in any one particular state.

Minnesota can be a desirable place for attorneys to practice. First, Minnesota is home to many of the Fortune 500 companies in the United States. As a result, plenty of openings exist for the aspiring corporate lawyer to enjoy. Cities like Milwaukee offer great opportunities in corporate law and medical malpractice law to aspiring lawyers.

Becoming a Lawyer in Minnesota

One of the top advantages of applying for a license to practice law in Minnesota is its reciprocity with other states. One can easily become a lawyer in this state without ever having to take the bar exam again. According to the Minnesota Board of Bar Examiners, one must score a 145 or higher on the MBE. One must also have taken the exam in the last two years to be admitted to practice.

Waiving into the bar is also an option for experienced attorneys. If one has practiced law for 5 of the last 7 years in another jurisdiction, then he or she may gain admission into Minnesota to practice law. The other requirement is that one must have graduated from an ABA-approved law school.

If one chooses, he or she may also sit for the Minnesota bar exam. This bar exam is recognized as one of the more easier bar exams to pass. One will not have to fret about passing this bar exam in the same way one would worry about passing the New York bar exam. In addition to passing the Minnesota bar exam, one will have to meet two other requirements for practicing law. One will have to pass the Character & Fitness portion of the bar exam. One will also have to pass the professional responsibility exam.

Free Legal Advice in Minnesota

Minnesota is home to some of the most extensive pro bono law firms in the United States. The Legal Services system is quite strong and serves impoverished people who need a lawyer to resolve their legal issues. One may be facing a potential foreclosure and require the assistance of a lawyer. In another case, a lawyer may be facing landlord & tenant issues. Domestic violence is one of the other areas of law in which the Legal Services system specializes.

If one does not meet the income requirements for Legal Services programs, then one may still be able to find pro bono legal help in other ways. The Volunteer Lawyers Network can assist families who are dealing with child custody issues. This organization also assists with adoption for low income families.

Law Firms in Minnesota

Finding law firms in Minnesota is easily achieved by contacting the state bar association, picking up the phone book or searching online for Minneapolis attorneys, lawyers in St Paul, Minneapolis legal services and St Paul legal research.

Legal firms searching for office accommodation in Minnesota will find an extensive selection of premium office space in Minneapolis and Bloomington.

Legal Associations/Organizations in Minnesota

Joining pro bono law firms is a great way to become connected with other attorneys in Minnesota. It is also a great way to learn about different areas of law that one may have an interest in.

The Minnesota State Bar Association is the leading organization to join. By joining this organization, one will have access to a variety of seminars and events for continuing one's legal education. One usually has to pay a small fee to join the Minnesota State Bar Association. Minnesota also has plenty of locally-based state bar associations that one may wish to join. These locally-based state bar associations usually do not have a fee.

For Minnesota's paralegals there is MPA as well as various national associations.