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Legal Services in Georgia

Legal services in Georgia are available from qualified attorneys in a variety of specialties and in various price ranges. Attorneys in Georgia must meet stringent educational and testing requirements. Free legal services are available locally through pro bono attorney referral programs as well as the local legal aid organizations. Georgia attorneys can find ample opportunities for professional growth and networking through a wide range of organizations and associations. This article will discuss how to become an attorney in Georgia, free legal services available in Georgia and legal associations and organizations in Georgia.

Becoming a Lawyer in Georgia

Lawyers in Georgia must meet certain requirements in order to be licensed to practice law in the state. Potential lawyers must have an undergraduate degree and must have graduated from a law school accredited by the American Bar Association. Aside from educational requirements, attorneys must pass a background check and obtain a Certificate of Fitness to Practice Law. After obtaining the Certificate, aspiring attorneys must successfully complete the Georgia Bar Exam and the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam.

Free Legal Advice in Georgia

Free legal advice is available in Georgia to individuals who are unable to afford an attorney. Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc. provides free legal services for qualified individuals in the Atlanta area. Those living outside of Atlanta should contact the Georgia Legal Services Program for free legal assistance.

If you do not qualify for services through your local legal aid organization, you may still be able to find free legal advice in your area. Call the local legal aid organization or local bar association and ask if they provide weekend clinics or "attorney for the day" programs. These programs provide limited legal services and typically do not have the same income and asset limitations as full legal services programs. While the attorneys you speak to at these programs will probably not represent you in court, you can ask them questions to determine whether you should pay an attorney to represent you.

Law Firms in Georgia

Finding a law firm in Georgia is easy enough with the state and local bar association membership lists, the local directory enquiries or online searches for attorneys in Atlanta, Augusta law firms and Columbus lawyers.

Legal organizations and law firms in Georgia looking for new offices in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Kennesaw or Lawrenceville will be spoilt for choice.

Legal Associations and Organizations in Georgia

There are legal associations and organizations for nearly every imaginable type of law and type of lawyer. Aside from the national organizations, most notably the American Bar Association, Georgia has its own state bar association, the State Bar of Georgia. Many Georgia counties also have their own local bar associations.

Attorneys who wish to network by background or practice area will find ample organizations catering to their needs. For example, Georgia has a statewide association for Hispanic lawyers, the Georgia Hispanic Bar Association. Local bar associations usually have sections devoted to specific practice areas for those wishing to network.

Once licensed, attorneys in Georgia will find ample opportunities to get involved in the community through state and local bar associations and pro bono volunteer opportunities. Georgia residents can count on qualified attorneys to provide their legal services. Qualifying individuals may apply for free legal services through their local legal aid society.

The Georgia Association of Paralegals exists to enhance the role of paralegals in Georgia as do a number of other national and local associations.

Georgia's variety of legal associations and organizations provide networking resources for attorneys and informational resources for those seeking legal advice. Legal services in Georgia are high quality and accessible for even those of limited financial means.