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Legal Services in New York

One of the best states to practice law is New York. Not only is there a high demand for lawyers in NY, but there is also a great potential to make a lot of money in New York. Whether one wants to be a prosecutor, corporate lawyer, or simply do research, there are plenty of opportunities awaiting a person. One can do virtually anything with a law degree in the state of New York.

Becoming a Lawyer in New York

When one is a lawyer in New York, one will quickly learn the power of connections. Because connections can be so powerful in landing one's first job in New York, it pays to attend undergraduate school and law school in New York. By attending school for so many years in New York, one can work to build the connections he or she will need to thrive in a career in law.

Of course, there are some basic requirements one will have to meet to be a lawyer in New York. First off, one will have to have a four-year degree from an undergraduate institution. In addition to an undergraduate education, one will also need to secure a law school education. Having a juris doctorate will also lend credibility to your resume. Even in states where a law degree is not required for the practice of law, many attorneys will recommend that a person obtain a juris doctorate anyways. In addition to having these degrees, one will have to tackle the seemingly impossible task of passing the New York bar exam.

The New York bar exam is commonly perceived as the most difficult bar exam. New York, California, and Florida are known as the three most difficult bar exams in the United States. To prepare for the bar exam, one should take a bar exam prep course through Kaplan or Barbri. Law students commonly choose to take bar exam prep courses through one of these two companies. After taking and passing the New York bar exam, one will have to make sure that other parts of the application for a license to practice law are complete. For a complete application, one must complete a Character & Fitness test and professional responsibility exam.

Free Legal Advice in New York

In New York, any lawyer charges enormous fees for his or her services. As a result, many people at or near poverty level can face tremendous difficulties in obtaining legal advice. For these people, Legal Aid Services offer the best chance for them to receive quality legal advice at little to no cost. There are many other pro bono legal services in New York that offer impoverished people the opportunity to obtain legal advice.

The New York Legal Assistance Group is another high quality public interest law firm to check out. This law firm provides free legal services to minorities in communities within New York. Specifically, this law firm prides itself on providing legal services to Holocaust survivors and members of the LGBT community. The New York Legal Assistance Group has been recognized by media outlets like the New York Times for its efforts in the community. The law firm will often help women who face domestic violence in their lives or people who need additional medical funding to fight off illness.

Law Firms in New York

Legal services in New York state can be found in the state bar database, by referrals, the phone book or searching online for NYC attorneys, law firms in Rochester, Brooklyn lawyers, Buffalo legal services, paralegals in Flushing, and legal service plans in Albany.

Legal firms looking for office rentals in New York State will find a plethora of first class executive suites and business center space available in Manhattan, Rochester, Melville and Harrison.

Legal Associations/Organizations in New York

New York is filled with elite organizations and associations for lawyers. Some of the most popular associations for lawyers are alumni clubs. The Duke Law Club and Harvard Law Alumni Club are two of the most popular alumni clubs throughout all of New York.

Lawyers may also join local bar associations as a way to meet other lawyers in the area. Many associations are also devoted to the particular interests that lawyers have, such as real estate law or business law. The New York Business Lawyers Club is another popular club in New York for lawyers.

Lawyers in New York should find an organization to join that will act as a positive influence in their professional lives. Lawyers should attempt to surround themselves with lawyers who will help them make ethical choices in the legal profession and strive to advocate for their clients in the best manner possible.

Legal assistants and paralegals in New York can also benefit from joining a professional association such as the New York City Paralegal Association or one of the many national paralegal associations.